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Daveril Digital exists to empower businesses of all sizes. We believe that business owners like you has its own strengths. And these strengths should be harnessed to grow the business.
Our service is digital marketing focused on Facebook ads. So why focus on Facebook ads?
Facebook ads is what we do best. We want to help business owners like you who need our expertise in Facebook ads.
Our 3 years experience and proven-and-tested strategies (evident in our case studies) can significantly affect your bottomline.

Our Service in a Nutshell

Our core service is Facebook and Instagram ads. But we do other things more than that.

On top of the core service, we also help you on Conversion Optimization and Graphics Design. What does this mean to you?

With the added Conversion Optimization service, we’ll audit your online store or website and come up with recommendations to increase sales or leads.

And not only that, we also have a team of graphic designers to create winning ad creatives. So you never have to spend on another graphic designer and throw a lot money.

Plans and Pricing


For small businesses just starting out
$ 599 Monthly*
  • Facebook and Instagram page creation
  • FB Business Manager and Ad account setup
  • FB Pixel creation and installation
  • Campaign creation, monitoring and scaling
  • Ad creative, copy and headline
  • Audience research and testing
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • 1-2 Campaigns per day


For established businesses
$ 799 Monthly*
  • All in Basic plus:
  • Biweekly Performance Reports
  • 3-5 Campaigns per day
  • Monthly business performance review
  • Store or website audit + conversion optimization


For large-scale corporations
$ 999 Monthly*
  • All in Basic plus:
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • 6-8 Campaigns per day
  • Business performance review
  • Store or website audit + conversion optimization
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