Artistik Case Study

From zero to $5k/month sales in 3 months

Amazon to Shopify Migration


From Amazon to Shopify – Artistik Case Study

Artistik Art Materials is an art materials brand that retails superior quality, affordable art supplies, including paint, brushes, art sets, canvas, paper pads, pencils, easels, and more.

They started selling on Amazon in 2017 and growing exponentially year after year. Four years later, they explored options to expand the business to other countries and increase profitability by maximizing profit margins.


Generate more sales on their Shopify store

As part of their expansion plans and to maximize business revenue, Artistik opened a Shopify store.

While their Amazon account is doing well in sales through organic searches, a newly-opened Artistik Shopify store is different. The challenge is to capture new audiences to increase the customer base and generate more sales on their Shopify store with a limited advertising budget.



4-Step Ecommerce Growth Strategy

For Shopify stores, we adapted a strategic direction for Facebook ads. After years of experimentation and thousands of ad spends, we developed the 4-Step E-commerce Growth Strategy.

We only do things that move the needle. We disregard everything that doesn’t work.


From zero to $5,000/month Shopify store in 3 months

We started running Artistik’s Facebook ad campaigns in March 2021. And in the first 3 months, we were able to generate $7,615 in sales and a $5,000/month Shopify store.

The remaining months of 2021 remain good and it’s averaging a ROAS of 2.5. The highest sales ever were during Q4, when Artistik gained more than $21,000 in sales! Q4 sales are almost 3x than the first three months’ performance.



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