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Daveril Dabuco - Daveril Digital

Daveril Dabuco

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We are Proud to be One of the Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agencies

Daveril Digital was founded by Daveril Dabuco on Sep 2020 in Laguna, Philippines.

In Sep 2020, he started his own Shopify store. With a shoestring budget, he built everything from the ground up. He scoured all the resources that he could get to learn product research, copywriting, video editing, graphics design & Facebook ads.

His engineering background is essential in decision-making. Being data-driven helps him decide objectively instead of through emotions. Henceforth, he focuses on learning and improving his skills in digital marketing.

In Feb 2021, he started freelancing as a Facebook Ads Strategist. After handling three clients and with successful exits… in May 2021, he founded a Digital Marketing Agency: Daveril Digital.

His mission is to help business owners succeed through digital marketing.

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