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Daveril Dabuco

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Daveril Digital was founded by Daveril Dabuco in May 2021 in Laguna, Philippines.

In Sep 2020, I started my own Shopify store. With a shoestring budget, I built everything from the ground up. I scoured all the resources that I could get to learn product research, copywriting, video editing, graphics design & Facebook ads.

My engineering background is essential in decision-making. Being data-driven helps me decide objectively instead of through emotions. Henceforth, I focus on continuous learning and improving my skills in digital marketing.

In Feb 2021, I started freelancing as a Facebook Ads Strategist. After handling three clients and with successful exits… in May 2021, I founded a Digital Marketing Agency: Daveril Digital.

My mission is to help business owners succeed through digital marketing.

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